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Naming of the Golden Hurricane

In 1922, the team started working out in the fall with a new nickname "Yellow Jackets." In the past, Tulsa had been named "Kendallites," "Presbyterians," Tigers," "Orange and Black," "Tulsans," and, of course, "Yellow Jackets." Head coach Howard Acher after a remark in practice about "roaring through opponents," had seriously considered "Golden Tornadoes." But a check showed that Georgia Tech already had chosen that tag in 1917. From the tornado, he evolved meteorologically to the hurricane. A few days before the team left for a game against Texas A&M, Acher asked the squad to vote on the name "Golden Hurricane," the gold being added because of the color of their new jerseys. [more]

Alma Mater and Fight Song

Find the words to The University of Tulsa Alma Mater and Fight Song as well as audio. [more]


The Alumni Association asks all fans to WEAR BLUE to all TU athletic events, home and away.  Fridays are WEAR BLUE days. [more]

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TU license plates are currently available in Oklahoma. [more]


Show your alumni pride around town with a TU Alumni car decal! Decals are available for free by contacting Laurie Matson at laurie-matson@utulsa.edu.   

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