Ringing of the Bell

The ringing of the Kendall Bell is one of the oldest traditions at TU, dating back more than half a century. It is tradition for graduating seniors to celebrate their entry into the Alumni Association by ringing the cupola bell after completing the last final exam of their TU careers.

Many alumni may remember the Kendall Bell on top of the old Kendall Hall or in front of the Shaw Alumni Center. Today the bell is proudly featured at Bayless Plaza where it permanently lives in all its glory. 

Bayless Plaza, home of TU's hallmark Kendall Cupola and Bell, is the gift of Bob and Bernice Bayless, treasurer and secretary, respectively, in the class of 1949. They fondly recall participating in the senior tradition of the ringing the bell to signal the completion of a TU student's final exam. Students of their day cautiously made their way up five stories to the apex of Kendall Hall, which had been completed in 1908 as the first campus building. To commemorate their time at TU, the Baylesses created the plaza as a stately home for the cupola and bell and a welcoming site where future generations of students will make lasting memories of their own. 

Each May, graduating students, including seniors, graduate and law students, are invited to celebrate at the annual Final Bell party at Bayless Plaza hosted by the Future Alumni Council. Save the date for Final Bell 2017 on Friday, May 5, 2017.