Class Ring

Josten’s is proud to present the official ring collection for The University of Tulsa.

The University of Tulsa, founded in 1894 as Henry Kendall College, is an institution built on wisdom, faith and service. The official ring of The University of Tulsa incorporates in its design a strong commitment to academic success with an intricate carving of the cupola on the top of the ring. The ringing of the cupola marks the end of the academic study for students at The University of Tulsa and the beginning of their role as alumni.

Etched on the side of the ring is the McFarlin Library, which represents an ongoing quest for knowledge and education. On the opposite side of the ring, the University seal engraved with the words “wisdom, faith and service.”

Finally, the class year and degree are engraved on the ring to symbolize each student’s unique academic experience at The University of Tulsa. The official ring embodies the story and spirit of The University of Tulsa and is the most visible emblem of honor and achievement of graduates of TU.

To order the official ring online, click here. Or to order by phone, contact Josten’s at 1-800-854-7464 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST.