Alma Mater & Fight Song

The University of Tulsa Alma Mater

The modern Alma Mater was written in 1940 by Bill Poeffenberger (BS ’40) with music written in 1941 by Margaret Worsham.  In the early 1970s, during Paschal Twyman’s tenure as president, Ron Predl, professor of music, thought the words needed updating.  He and his wife, Peggy, wrote them, Dr. Twyman approved them and the Alma Mater that we currently accept began to be sung at football games and events.

The Alma Mater may be downloaded by clicking here.

Lyrics to The University of Tulsa Alma Mater

Hail to thee Alma Mater,
Gold and Blue,
Praise from thy sons and daughters,
Old and new.
Pride in our hearts,
Our voices let us raise,
Filled with devotion
We will sing thy praise.
Alma Mater, now we honor,
Loyal, always true,
We will lift our voice in chorus.
Hail to Tulsa U!

The University of Tulsa Fight Song

The TU Fight song was written by then student President Emeritus Ben Henneke (BA ’35, DHL ’67) in 1932.  Harry Clarke of Clarke’s Good Clothes set up a contest to come up with a good fight song.  Dr. Henneke’s mother read about the contest and encouraged him to enter.  Dr. Henneke won the contest and received a $25 prize.

The fight song may be downloaded by clicking here.

Lyrics to the TU Fight Song
Down the Field to victory
On Tulsa on.
Fight on University, Battle on and on.
March to the goal line, oh Tulsa,
Score on mounting score.
March to the goal line, oh Tulsa,
Let the Hurricane roar.
Drive those (opponent) back and back,
On Tulsa on!
Gold, Blue, and Red, go right ahead,
Down the field to victory!