Mr. or Ms. Homecoming

About the Mr. or Ms. Homecoming Award

The Mr. or Ms. Homecoming Award is designated for TU employees (faculty, staff or administrators) who demonstrate the following criteria: 

  • Consistently performs above job requirements. 
  • Leads by example. Serves as a mentor and helper to others. 
  • Exhibits a strong sense of TU pride. Can be described as a supporter of all things TU – e.g. support of TU athletics, going above-and-beyond the call of duty to help students, or making financial contributions. 
  • A commitment to providing quality service to all TU constituents.

The nomination of a candidate for this award should be in the form of a nomination letter and should cite specific examples of how the candidate has met or exceeded the criteria listed above. The Mr. or Ms. Homecoming recipient is chosen each year by the Executive Committee of the Tulsa Chapter of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and will be honored at Homecoming each year.

Students, faculty, staff, administrators or alumni may nominate a candidate. Late entries will not be accepted and nominations will not carry over into next year. Please click HERE to make your nomination.

For questions about the Mr. or Ms. Homecoming Award, please contact Amy Dodson at (918) 631-3724 or e-mail her at

Past Recipients

2016 — Francis S. Manning, A. Paul Buthod Professor of Chemical Engineering
2015 — Vicki Hendrickson, Director of Student Financial Services
2014 — John Henshaw, Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Harry H. Rogers Professor of Mechanical Engineering
2013 — Pete Sandman, Bursar
2012 — Tommy Hudspeth, BS ’53, Assistant Director of Development for Athletics
2011 — Dale Teeters, Professor of Chemistry
2010 — Don Tomkalski, TU Sports Information Director
2009 — Dennis H Hudson, Associate Professor of Accounting, MS '79
2008 — Mrs. Jan Grabow, Director of the Alexander Health Center
2006 — Ed Rybicki, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
2005 — Earl Johnson, Senior Associate Dean of Admission, BFA '89
2004 — Mike Sheehan, Coordinator of Physical Plant Safety & Recycling Services
2003 — Judy Berry, Professor of Psychology, EDD '82
2002 — Tom Cairns, Professor of Mathematical Sciences
2001 — Jessie Carter, Concession Supervisor in Dining Services
2000 — Bonnie Williams, Assistant Director of the Hurricane Club
1999 — Barry Kinsey, Professor of Sociology
1998 — Ron Predl, Professor of Music
1997 — Frank Christel, General Manager of KWGS
1996 — James Cagley, Assistant Dean of College of Business Administration
1995 — Dr. James Brill, Professor of Petroleum Engineering
1994 — No award given
1993 — Clevanne Kirberger, Coordinator for Athletic Fundraising, BM '52
1992 — William J. Wiseman, Dean of Chapel
1991 — Dale McNamara, Women’s Golf Coach/Assistant Athletic Director
1990 —John Dowgray, Professor Human/Director of Information Services
1989 — Ira Trail Adams, Dean of Nursing/AHS
1988 — Dr. E. T. Guerrero, Trustees Professor of Petroleum Engineering
1987 — Dwight Dailey, Professor of Music
1986 — Edward Dumit, Arts Producer, BA '51, MS '57
1985 — Dr. Ed Cadenhead, Professor and Chairperson of the History Faculty
1984 — Dr. Paul Brown, Professor and Chairman of the Philosophy Faculty
1983 — Dr. Cliff Hutton, Vice President for Student Affairs/Professor of Accounting
1982 — Paul Buthod, Prof of Chemical Engineering and Xymena Kulsrud, Asst Dean of College of Business Admin, BS '39, MS '43
1981 — Dr. Kermit E. Brown, Chairperson of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering
1980 — Dr. Donald E. Hayden, Professor of Modern Letters
1979 — Dr. E. Paul Alworth, Professor of English and Associate Director of Research
1978 — Brad Place, Chairman of Department of Art
1977 — Dr. William A. Settle Jr., Professor of American History
1976 — George U. Metzel, Registrar
1975 — Harry N. Carter, Coordinator of Student Services and Prof of Mathematics and Anne L. Morrow, Assc Prof of Business Admin
1974 — Jess L. Chouteau, Director of Special Events/Westby Center, BA '38
1973 — Dr. Claude A. Levengood, Head of Life Sciences Department
1972 — Dr. M. M. Hargrove, Trustees Professor of Business Administration
1971 — Dr. Harriet Barclay, Professor of Botany and Ed Johnson, Professor of Journalism, BFA '45
1970 — Arthur Hestwood, Professor of Voice and Choral
1969 — Glenn Dobbs Jr., Athletic Director, BS '43
1968 — Dr. W. V. Holloway, Dean of Graduate School and Vice President
1967 — No award given
1966 — Ben A. Henneke, President, BA '35
1965 — Edward A. Howard, Professor of Mathematics, BS '31
1964 — Alice M. Fenn, Secretary of President’s Office and Roger P. Fenn, Former Professor and Band Director
1963 — C. I. Duncan, Former Secretary Treasurer
1962 — R. Grady Snuggs, Head of Religion and Philosophy
1961 — Dr. C. I. Pontius, President Emeritus and Mary Clay Williams, Dean of Women and Director of Personnel, BSBA '49
1960 — F. T. Gardner, Head of Chemistry
1959 — Florence C. Blackmore, Professor of Women’s Physical Education, MS '51
1958 — Boyd R. Ringo, Professor of Piano, BS '50
1957 — R. W. Veatch, Head of Mathematics
1956 — M. M. Blair, Professor of Economics
1955 — W. E. Morris Jr., Professor of English
1954 — R. J. Kaufman, Head of Chemistry
1953 — L. S. Mcleod, Dean of Arts and Sciences
1952 — H. D. Chase, Professor of Zoology
1951 — A. N. Murray, Head of Geology
1950 — R. L. Langenheim, Dean of Engineering, BS '43
1949 — F. J. Eikenberry, Professor of English
1948 — Albert Lukken, Dean of Fine Arts College
1947 — J. B. Miller, Head of Men’s Physical Education
1946 — Mary Allen, Professor of English