Alumni Association Board of Directors Welcome

Dear Fellow Alumni,

The University of Tulsa Alumni Association is one of the University’s greatest assets. The Alumni Association serves as the connection between TU and our alumni. Our alumni bring distinction to TU through their professional accomplishments, intellectual triumphs and community involvement. The Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the Alumni Association, comprised of presidents from our alumni chapters and up to 24 at-large members. We meet four times each year; twice in person and twice by teleconference.

The mission of the Alumni Association is to bolster and advance The University of Tulsa while embracing TU’s core values of excellence, dedication, integrity and commitment. The emphasis of the Board of Directors is to serve as the lifetime community through which alumni connect with The University of Tulsa and each other; cultivate student loyalty to TU by visibly and regularly contributing to their experience with the University; provide exceptional service and indispensable value to our alumni community; and to instill a sense of history, tradition and TU pride among students and alumni.

We currently have 12 chapters and 22 clubs around the world. I encourage you to find the chapter or club in the city you live and get in touch and get involved. I also hope you will stay connected through frequent visits to the TU Alumni website which features chapter and club activities, our events calendar and an online museum of TU memorabilia from the Heritage Collection.

Please support TU wherever you are and in whatever way you can. Alumni participation, at every level, will have a positive impact at our alma mater and its future achievements. Your support will make a difference and is always appreciated. I look forward to working with each and every one of you as we strive to support TU as a nationally recognized university.

Kind Regards and Go TU!

Andrew Comstock '00
Board of Directors
TU Alumni Association

About the Board of Directors of the TU Alumni Association

The Board of Directors serves as the governing board of the Alumni Association. The board consists of the president of each chapter and up to twenty-four at-large members. meetings are held four times per year, two in person and two by teleconference. 


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