TU Email for Life

About TU Email for Life

Thank you for your interest in TU Email for Life. The University of Tulsa is currently upgrading the Email for Life system and new accounts will be available for access in the near future. If you are interested in a new Email for Life account, Alumni may submit requests HERE. We will be in contact with you when your new account is available. 

The Convenience of Having TU Email Address for Life
The University of Tulsa offers all alumni with degrees a permanent utulsa e-mail address. Distributing your TU e-mail address instead of your work or personal e-mail address will allow for you to always stay in touch with your friends, family and colleagues.

All alumni with degrees from The University of Tulsa are eligible to receive a lifetime TU e-mail address.

Have an Existing TU E-mail Forwarding Account?
TU alumni who have an existing TU email forwarding account may continue to use their existing forwarding account or may request to have a new utulsa email address assigned that will include your name in the prefix.

Graduate prior to December 2008?
TU alumni who graduated in December 2008 or earlier and who do not have an active TU e-mail account may have a new utulsa e-mail address assigned that will include your name in the prefix. You may read this mail on Gmail or, alternatively, forward this mail to another address of your choice.

Graduate in December 2008 or later?
TU E-mail for Life service is immediately available to December 2008 and subsequent graduates. Students retain their TU e-mail address and account for life, and upon leaving the University, their messages and folders are preserved.

How to Request a TU Email for Life
To request you your new TU Email for Life account information, please click here to request one online.

Appropriate Use
The University of Tulsa has provided you with a utulsa email address so that you can stay better connected with the university and with your classmates. TU alumni email accounts are not intended for purposes of promotion or solicitation and should not be used as official business addresses. In the case of misuse, TU reserves the right to deactivate and/or terminate a graduate's account.

Alumni e-mail account information

E-mail delivered to a Google account is accessible at gmail.utulsa.edu. Management of e-mail forwarding and other account information is currently accomplished by following the "Technology" and, then the "Mail Preferences" links at the University website.

The ability to use a utulsa e-mail address will continue as long as alumni respond to periodic renewal notices. Access to the Google Gmail account will continue as long as the University continues a relationship with Google and Google's terms of service do not change.

Benefits Provided by TU Contracted E-mail Vendors

Complete Communication Packages
Google offers a suite of online communication tools in addition to e-mail, including integrated instant messaging (IM), online document sharing, calendaring, Web publishing tools, and more.

E-mail Provider
The TU Gmail user interface is user-friendly with large storage space allotments.

Need Assistance?

Contact tualumni@utulsa.edu or call 918-631-2555 or 1-800-219-4688.