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TU Alumni Chapters and Clubs are the perfect way to connect to TU in your part of the world. Since the TU Alumni Association began its Chapters program in 2002, alumni and friends in Tulsa and across the country (and most recently, the world) have joined together in their own communities. 

The TU Alumni Association currently has 12 Chapters and 22 Clubs. Each Chapter and Club has its own character, but they all connect alumni to The University of Tulsa. Individual Chapters host university speakers, sponsor athletic-related events for Tulsa fans, provide business and professional networking, cultivate relationships, serve as student recruiters, and offer social and service events. Clubs are informal in structure, but provide many great opportunities to stay connected to TU through social gatherings.

If you want to take an active role in planning or participating in local activities, contact the Chapter or Club leader in your area. Or you might want to become a leader yourself and start a new Club.


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