Henry Kendall College Moves to Tulsa

Henry Kendall College moves from Muskogee to Tulsa (population 7,298) with classes starting September 10, 1907... Oklahoma becomes 46th state on November 16, 1907... presidents during 1907-1919 are: Arthur G. Evans, Levi H. Beeler, Seth R. Gordon, Frederick W. Hawley, Ralph J. Lamb, Charles Evans, James G. McMurtry and Arthur L. Odell... new buildings on campus are Kendall Hall and Roberston Hall... Student Government Association organizes.. Kendallabrum yearbook first published... Kendall College joins the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Athletic Conference... Trustees conduct $500,000 fund drive with the slogan "Make Kendall Great"... 1916 football team (the Kendallities) were champions of Oklahoma and the Southwest, beating OU and Oklahoma A&M (OSU).. in 1917 the entire footbal team joins up for World War I... famed Kendall Service Flag unfurled as a gift of the Alumni Association.

Among the Heritage items shown:

1915 Kendallabrum... Kendall College Inter-Class Track Meet award ribbons, April 7, 1917.. Kendall pennant.. early issue of The Kendallite... Freshmen beanie... Henry Kendall College Academy commencement announcement, June 1, 1916... Kendall Kendallites vs. Oklahoma A&M Farmers football program, November 4, 1916... Kendall College official seal press.