Celebrating TU's 50th Golden Anniversary

TU appears in five straight bowl games: Sun Bowl, Sugar Bowl (twice), Orange Bowl and Oil Bowl... new School of Law launched... students and faculty join armed forces as World War II greatly decreases enrollments... Army Petroleum Technician School begins on campus for army engineers and aviation cadets... new TU colors -- royal blue, gold and scarlett, changed from black and orange amid great controversy. Alumni Association threatened to disband if the colors were changed; they were - and they did!... returning vets, aided by the GI Bill, swamp campus... KWGS-FM goes on the air... Arthur Hestwood's Radio Choir (later Modern Choir) creates national recognition for TU... new buildings include Mabee Halls, Memorial Hall and Lorton Hall.

Among the Heritage items shown:

1947 Kendallabrum... "Windbags" jacket... Sugar Bowl classic pin... 1945-46 Student Handbook... March 8, 1940 issue of The Tulsa Collegian... 1943 Official Football Guide... 1940s TU cheerleaders... TU vs. Arkansas football program (November 28, 1940)... Look magazine article featuring TU students "Kid" party (June 14, 1947).