Listed below are answers to questions commonly asked by TU Alumni about the online community. If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page, please contact tualumni@utulsa.edu.  We look forward to hearing from you.

    TU Alumni Online Community 

    Why is my personal information available on the Internet? I don't think this information should be on the Internet.
    Maintaining the privacy of your information is our top priority. The TU Alumni Relations team has taken great measures to safeguard personal information by granting access only to registered TU Alumni, which have agreed to the strict terms and conditions of the privacy policy. Also, only members of the TU Alumni Association via a password-protected login can access any areas of the Web site containing private information. Only you can access and update your personal information.  Also, the Alumni Directory search result pages do not show phone numbers to anyone else. This form is also encrypted over the web to block out anyone who might try to access your information. 

    The TU Alumni Association

    How do I become a member of the TU Alumni Association?
    Your membership to The University of Tulsa Alumni Association is FREE. Your TU experience doesn’t end when you receive your diploma. As a graduate (or former student with at least 60 credit hours of TU coursework), you are automatically a member of the TU Alumni Association. 

    Where is the alumni office located?
    The Office of Alumni Relations is located in Collins Hall, which is on 8th Street between the former South College Avenue and South Evanston Avenue. Alumni visitors to Collins Hall may contact the Office of Alumni Relations on the first floor of the building in the Thelma Ruth Shaw Alumni Center.

    If I'm interested in volunteering with the TU Alumni Association, how do I get involved?
    We have lots of volunteers opportunities you might be interested in.  Please visit our Get Involved page for more information or fill out the volunteer interest form

    I have treasured TU items that I'd like to donate.  Who do I contact to donate?
    We are always looking for TU memorabilia.  Click here to read more about donating TU Heritage items or click here to fill out the online form

    Is the Alumni Association a dues paying organization?
    No!  Every graduate of the University (or student with 60 or more credit hours completed) is considered a full member of the TU Alumni Association.  Take advantage of your membership today by checking out the activities being help by your local chapter or club

    Alumni Services

    How do I submit a classnote?
    With our new TUAlumni.com classnotes are now available through the Online Classnotes section. You may also email tualumni@utulsa.edu.

    Contacting Alumni

    How can I update my address and other personal and professional information?
    For any changes in contact information, update your information online or email Alumni Relations at tualumni@utulsa.edu. You can also call us at (800) 219-4688. 

    How do I contact fellow alumni?
    If you are a graduate, you can log in and search the TU Alumni online directory. Otherwise, contact Alumni Relations via email at tualumni@utulsa.edu, or call (800) 219-4688. Due to privacy considerations, TU does not release names, addresses or phone numbers of alumni to third parties.

    Why aren't phone numbers listed in the Alumni Directory search results?
    Due to privacy concerns, phone numbers are not listed in search results. One reason is that we don't want telemarketers to be able to download phone numbers from our database. 

    Can I download a complete list of all Alumni or contacts at one time?
    No. Due to the Privacy Policy restrictions, we only allow one record to be viewed at a time. This is an added security measure.


    What are the lyrics to TU's alma mater? To TU's fight song?
    You can view the words to both by clicking here.  You can also download the alma mater here

    I need a copy of my transcript.  Can you send me one?
    You must personally request a transcript from the Registrar's Office.  You may contact them by phone at (918) 631-2254 or through their website

    I never received my diploma.  Can you send it to me?
    For questions regarding diplomas, contact the Registrar's Office at (918) 631-2254.  

    Regional Programming

    How do I find local alumni and/or a local alumni chapter?
    The TU Alumni online directory will help you locate alumni in your city. Also, TU's Alumni Chapters and Groups are a great way to stay in touch with other alumni in your hometown. For more information about these groups, see the Alumni Chapter and Club pages.