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                        Donald Hoose
                        Caron Lawhorn
                        James "Jim" Wallis
                        Bill Carmody
                        Marcia MacLeod
                        Wayne Rumley
                        Nevyle R. Cable
                        Michael D. Graves
                        Calvin C. McKee
                        Katherine G. Coyle
                   Henry D. “Hank” Haney
                   Judy Zarrow Kishner
                   Thomas H. Russell
                   Lovie L. Smith
                   Sharon Bell
                   Chet Cadieux
                   Roger Jarvis
                   Dr. Jacob Jorishie
                   A. Charles Funai
                   Lynn L. Jones
                   William “Bill” R. Lissau
                   M. W. “Bill” Scoggins
                   Chip McElroy
                   Layn Phillips
                   Duane Wilson
                   Callie Mitchell
                   James Wilburn
                   Michael Wiley
                   John Forrest
                   Jim McGill
                   Charles Owens
                   Nicholas Allen
                   Jeffery Davis
                   Joseph Moeller
                   Dave Lawson
                   Marcia Manhart
                   Gene Tucker
              J. Paschal Twyman Award
                   2016 — Mary Lhevine and George Schnetzer
                   2015 — Susie Collins Hentschel
                   2014 — Keith Bailey
                   2013 — Don and Pat Hardin
                   2012 — John William "Bill" Hinkle
                   2008 — Dr. Jacob Jorishie
                   2006 — Ellen Adelson
                   2005 — Charles Norman
                   2004 — Dr. George Mauerman
                   2003 — Hart Hix
              Mr. or Ms. Homecoming
                   2016 — Francis S. Manning
                   2015 — Vicki Hendrickson
                   2014 — John Henshaw
                   2013 — Pete Sandman
                   2012 — Tommy Hudspeth
                   2011 — Dale Teeters
                   2010 — Don Tomkalski
                   2009 — Dennis H Hudson
                   2008 — Jan Grabow
                   2006 — Edmund Rybicki
                   2005 — Earl Johnson
                   2004 — Mike Sheehan
                   2003 — Judy Berry
              Jess Chouteau Outstanding Senior
              Charles S. Monroe Outstanding Alumni Chapter Award
              Volunteer of the Year Award
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