Alumni Association Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Binoy Agarwal '01, '06, President and Executive Committee Chair, Arlington, VA
Katie Ahrens '01, '02, President-Elect and Nominating Chair, Tulsa
Laurie Brumbaugh '78, Immediate Past President, Tulsa
Nick Allen '70, Chair of the Past Presidents Council, Tulsa
Tracy Anquoe '89, '93, Heritage Committee Chair, Tulsa
Rita Burke '04, At-Large Member and Vice President, Tulsa
Lesley Jacobs Robinson ’06, At-Large Member and Board Vice President, Princeton, NJ
Crystal Maguire ’03, At-Large Member and Vice President, Alexandria, VA
Jeff McCord ’99, At-Large Member and Alumni Networking Committee Chair, Dallas, TX
Alison Stailey Sulley ’03, ’05, At-Large Member and Membership Development Chair, Roeland Park, KS
Noah Zikmund, '08, At-Large Member and Chapter and Club Resources Chair, Denver, CO
Amy Freiberger ’96, ’99, Ex-Officio Member and Executive Director of Alumni Relations, Tulsa


Scott Bousum ’08, Washington, DC
Sid Chapon ’92, Evanston, IL
Andrew Comstock ’00, Prairie Village, KS
Dianne Dunning-Gill ’92, St. Louis, MO
Emily Gibson ’09, Denver, CO
John Harvey ‘85, Naperville, IL
Ann Heidger ‘99, Dallas, TX
Deanne Dutton Hughes ’92, Tulsa
Chris Kirkpatrick ‘84, Scottsdale, AZ
Kenneth Knoll ’08, Oklahoma City
Tim Latimer ’12, Houston, TX
Mary Lhevine ’82, Tulsa
Bennett Miller ’90, Tallahassee, FL
Hannah Miller ’10, Brooklyn, NY
Keith Nodskov ’04, Houston, TX
Joe Pistoia ’70 ’72, Long Beach, CA
Lucinda Rojas Ross ’06, Tulsa
Adrienne Tuck ’04, Denver, CO
Matthew Wiley ’06, Carrollton, TX