The Kendallabrum was the official yearbook of The University of Tulsa from 1913 through 1994. Published annually for this 80 year period except for only a few years, the Kendallabrum provides a window into the history of TU.

Unfortunately, the Kendallabrum yearbooks are no longer published each year. There was an attempt to republish the Kendallabrum in 2007 but there were not enough orders to cover the cost of production. However, McFarlin Library has scanned and digitally converted each of the yearbooks for your viewing. Link here to view past Kendallabrum yearbooks online.

If you own a TU Kendallabrum yearbook that is no longer needed, please consider donating it to the TU Heritage Collection. For more information contact or call 918-631-2555 or toll-free 800-219-4688.  Donations are tax deductible.